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0000001 a social website for great ideas

a chance to share world-changing ideas for those too busy to put them in action. Somebody might see them and carry them out.

Make a website where everyone can gather to share their great ideas which they may never have time or resources to action into world-changing effect. Sharing will at least get the idea out there and maybe someone will come across it to action it. In this, the potential to change the world exists where previously it didn't.

Since we all have limited time, but would all like to change the world for the better, this website will have voting features. These voting features will help the best ideas rise to the top and attain the most attention for those who have the time to enact world-changing ideas. There will also be sections for ideas in different fields so that experts in those fields can go straight to the ideas they want to see. This can also be a source of inspiration for other people's great ideas.

Now go out and change the world together. Happy collaborating!

5th October 2012

Google Doc for planning (come collaborate)

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